IVAL is not looking for a partnership.
IVAL is looking for the Partnership.
Dynamic checking of the market and constant verification of the customer’s satisfaction level
Internal checking of the supplies.

They are the unique ways that IVAL knows to continue improving its quality in production, post-sale services and optimisation of the resources. The only ones that exist.



The company is endowed with a Quality managing system certified according to rules UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

An internal structure is responsible for monitoring the indicators, researching the causes of potential non-compliances, applying the corrective actions, verifying the effectiveness and for transmittting the Mission to all levels of the organization.

The monitoring is needed to understand whether each sector achieves the targets, such as the increase of the process efficiency, waste reduction and resources optimization.



IVAL applies rigorous checkings to its organization regarding the hygiene of the packs for food industry.

The accurate recording of the materials in acceptance guarantees the traceability of the raw materials, the prevention of risks of contamination in accordance with the HACCP methodology and the application of appropriate procedures to ensure the healthiness of the final product.

The appropriate working methodologies are implemented in our departments in order to meet the applicable regulations (EC 2023/2006 and CE 1935/2004), while the operating staff is constantly trained to maintain a high level of hygienic safety during production.

Furthermore, suitable cleaning and pest-control programs ensure the proper management of the workplace. The company, after having put in place all the necessary actions, has obtained the certification according to UNI EN 15593:2008 concerning the correct manufacture of packs for food industry.



IVAL is committed every day to make each aspect of its production more and more sustainable and in harmony with the area in which it is located. Hereunder the aspects that Ival has decided to evaluate and to respect:

• the environmental impact of the product;
• the presence in the surrounding area;
• the compliance with legal requirements;
• assessing the energetic efficiency of processes;
• the selection of the best raw materials respecting of environment;
• staff training related to environmental awareness and care.

The whole process aims to achieve improvements of the overall environmental performance in accordance with the Mission defined by the organization and with the certification obtained by the company according the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.

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