Every day, every company, in every field is looking for solutions.
Choices and tools are customized for your own brand, for every kind of consumer.
Solutions and tools that IVAL projects, creates and manufactures.

IVAL’s success comes from far away, it dates back to 1954.
It was born, grown and it became mature through decades spent along two pathways.
The pathway of keeping our own roots made up of passion and tradition dedicated to this activity, and the pathway of the constant commitment in researching and developing state-of-the-art productive solutions.

Folding boxes and lithographated packs in flat cardboard.
Special packs in coated cardboard and PET.
IVAL provides you with the answers you are looking for.

A productive capacity of 500 milions of units every year, competitive in quantity and quality. A capillary sales network in Italy and abroad, immediate technical feedback and quotations.
A long list of the most prestigious food, textile and chemical industries are evidence of our success by choosing IVAL, also in this precise moment.

A new industrial area of 15.000 mq.
Still located in the country of Mantua, in the middle of the north of Italy, a joint between the rest of the penisula and Europe. An area specialized in legal, graphical and production consultants.

IVAL’s hand towards its tomorrow. And also towards yours.

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